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Name: L4zor R0B0T

Current Bounty: 10 million isk

Current Location: Unknown, possibly within the Sinq Laison or Essence region although his activity seems to have shifted to Amarr space somewhere.  Amarr authorities are not cooperating with our investigation


– Works with a well known, dangerous criminal entity known as the PYTHON CARTEL.

– Over 100 pod kills, almost none provoked or necessary.  Hundreds of ships killed over the last several months.  Estimated monetary damages inflicted are in the tens of billions of isk.

– Known Suicide Bomber – 16 Exhumer kills in the Sinq Laison region during “Hulkageddon 2”, as well as a similar outbreak of attacks in December.  Known to exploit insurance schemes in order to expedite this process.  In this area, L4zor R0b0t is especially dangerous, because he seems to enjoy the slaughtering of innocent miners in a psychopathic way, often planning his operations into high security space many days in advance.  He seems to be a devout convert of the fundamentalist Hulkageddon movement, which should probably need no introduction as it has been on the news quite a lot lately.

– Known to have contacts within high security space who illegally assist him with logistics and intelligence.  Who these people are is still unknown to us at this time, but they may have infiltrated other corporations.

– Known scammer who has stolen well over a billion isk by gaining his unsuspecting victim’s confidence and selling them cheap counterfeit federation navy ships.

– Known to spam local communication channels, convicted of harassment twice.  Difficult to talk to in a rational way.

– Assisted in building a giant structure in space out of cargo containers in the shape of a human phallus.

– Known for his skill at ramming into other ships to keep them off of stargates, thereby interdicting the movement of others.


– He is known to be highly trained in Gallente starships, although he has also been seen flying all of the other race’s ships as well.  It is unclear how many ships he keeps in his hangar, though he has recently been documented smuggling high tech, custom frigates out of empire space.

– Current intelligence shows that he has been training towards flying heavily armed Amarr Battleships…


L4zor r0b0t seems to have began his first clone’s life almost 2 years ago.  He grew up in the Gallente region, where he worked as a miner and an intelligence agent for the Federation Intelligence Office.  This is part of the reason why we know so much about him.  During that time, he frequently flew missions out of Cat and Auvergne, and he sometimes used his battleship to destroy those pesky Guristas for us.

He then joined an industrial corp called the Nova Gods, citing his  complaints about being heavily underpaid for his intelligence office assignments.  L4z0r said that he simply wished for a more peaceful life, where he could get in touch with himself by mining space asteroids.  He seems to have mined for some time, and occasionally did special high-level missions for the Federation Navy by way of his corp-mates.

This is where L4zor drops off of our radar, because this “Nova Gods” corporation disappeared into Wormhole space.  We still don’t know what they did out there, because it’s simply too hard to keep track of W-Space.  We assume they mined for some time, and perhaps even set up an outpost.  But any record of L4zor R0b0t was lost for quite some time.

Until one day, he re surfaced.  This was the day of the Jel gate massacre…  a day which will live on in imfamy.  His participation in this battle (if it could truly be called a battle at all) took his security standing down to -10.0 in the span of a couple hours.  He was officially declared an Outlaw.  We know that he operated out of Egghelende for some time after that, and built up his contacts and associates by flying with the Python Cartel.  Their current location?  Unknown.


It is clear to us that L4zor R0b0t is extremely dangerous, because he is possibly insane.  The sudden jump from living on the outer reaches of space in a wormhole to a life of boosters, alcohol, pirating, and violence was very abrupt.  Perhaps he saw something out in that wormhole that drove him mad, and told him to try to kill all miners, regardless of the consequences?


The threat level for L4zor R0b0t is currently high.  He is a dangerous, sociopathic pilot who has been known to shoot on former “friends” for profit, pod kill young capsuleers for fun, and sometimes choose unpredictable, irrational tactics.  If you should see him in space, contact Gallente authorities and CONCORD immediately – although we will be unable to respond in systems below 0.5 security status!